You want to sell an apartment or a studio, a penthouse or student housing, a villa, a house, or a bungalow ?

The services of the Lebrun Real Estate Agency in Brussels (housed in Jette 1090) are there to satisfy your needs.

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Entrusting the sale of your property is an important decision and it should be a deliberate act. We put our expertise at your disposal to guide you through the steps or to make them for you. We are happy to meet up and discuss the details:

  • Appraise your property at the right value and set the right price
  • Sale with boards or not
  • The schedule of visits (we are also available evenings and weekends to adapt to your working hours)
  • Photos of your property
  • Advertising your property in printed media
  • Advertising your property on websites specialized in real estate
  • Advice on decoration and minor renovations to help the sale.
  • Moreover, you benefit from our network of contacts: our people are always on the lookout for property in our districts; maybe a household wants to move closer to a family member, or a doctor may be looking for accommodation near the Brugmann hospital or the AZ-VUB hospital. We also help people looking for properties to invest in
  • A discussion with the trustee of the property and an analysis of the the minutes of meetings to verify if your share invested in the Reserve Fund is recoverable (which could make a significant financial difference for you).

The property can be yours, that of your parent (father or mother) or a family member who, with coming of age, cannot continue to live in his home for his own safety , or a family property to be sold following a inheritance.

If the property is currently rented out, we also provide communication with the tenant to explain his rights and duties. You do not have to worry because we are tactful and we negotiate diplomatically when we talk to people, especially when it’s about to their home.

Some people make the mistake of entrusting their property to estate agents south of Brussels who unfortunately have less knowledge of the neighbourhoods north of Brussels (Jette, Ganshoren, Laeken, Koekelberg) and estimate the value of property differently. This results in sales taking very long and final sales prices that lie much lower than had been announced to the customer. Lebrun Estate Agency knows every neighbourhood and sets prices at fair value to sell your property in its best form.

With our expertise in law, we have already had to deal with difficult cases (undivided property where members do not agree), property belonging to a person with dementia guardianship (temporary administrator) by court order, property sale following a divorce or a difficult separation

In such cases we can position ourselves as a third party that defends the interests of each owner and provides full transparency about our work and the accounts so that everyone can ensure that the transaction is in accordance with the rules .
Real Estate has been the passion of Lebrun Estate Agency for several generations!


immeuble-de-rapportYou want to sell a building or flat by flat ? Whether the flats are rented, vacant, renovated, or in need of renovation, we prepare the sale of your property.
We also provide communication with the occupants of the building and with the existing trustee.


Do you want to sell your villa? We know the different residential neighbourhoods of North Brussels and Flemish Brabant very well. With good knowledge of the market, we sell your house with or without display, depending on your choice.


A mansion, a house, a single family house… Whether your house is renovated or not, we sell it at the best conditions. Contact us for a sale with confidence.


Flat, ground floor, duplex, penthouse, student housing, apartment, studio, The northern municipalities of Brussels (Jette, Ganshoren, Koekelberg) and its periphery in Flemish Brabant (Wemmel, Relegem, Brussegem, Mollem, Merchtem) are very residential.

Life Annuity Sale

Vente en viager - couple agéDo you want to sell your property in life annuity ? We have experience in this field, we can explain the different possible options. Depending on your age, it is important to determine thebouquet” (capital payable in the transaction) and the value of the annuity (paid monthly).
With our experience and history, we can guide you according to your needs, your expectations and determine whether this formula is appealing to the buyer or the seller.
Call now: 0496 / 90.51.06, we will arrange an appointment at your place or ours.


Sale of a garage , garage box ,or parking space for vehicles

garage garage-1Do you want to sell your garage, parking box, your covered or uncovered parking space? We appraise the value of your garage according to the state of the garage (painting, electricity, water access, automatic door) and the location of the garage (densely populated area with few houses with a garage in the street, neighborhood blue area -where a parking disc is required, or orange or red zone area -where parking is paid for by the hour) We assess the value of your garage.

Garages are real estate and also require a sale at the notary: they can not be sold directly by the owner.

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