Bridge Loan Advice

You want to sell your property (too small, too far away from your work) and you want to buy a new property (bigger, more beautiful and closer to your work place). You count on the sale of your existing property to finance your new project.

services-pic1Depending on how long it takes to receive your money from the sale of your property and the purchase of your new property, you could temporarily need a large amount of money. This amount can be financed by a bank as a bridge loan. Bridge loans can generate significant costs because it is short-term trading for the bank. Lebrun Estate Agency has selected the best and most affordable offers on the market for you. Thanks to the Lebrun Estate Agency, your money lasts you longer!

Choice of Mortgage Credit

services-pic2The mortgage is not limited to fixed formulas and variable rates 5/10/15/20/25/30.
There are other formulas which can be very interesting, but are not always known to the general public. For example, it is possible to borrow and monthly reimburse only the value of the interest and not the capital. This formula is very suitable for people who are sure to receive the money at a fixed moment in the future (insurance, donation, inheritance, sale of a company, sale of valuables) .

services-pic3 Innovative formulas also allow for bigger amounts in monthly payment at the end of your credit than on the beginning of your credit, playing on inflation and the increased purchasing power of households over time (the earnings of young households who begin their working life will usually be higher in the next decade after multiple salary increases). This formula is called “accordion”, have you ever heard of it ?

services-pic4With our experience in real estate law and credit, Lebrun Estate Agency can guide you to beneficial formulas. These formulas are often overlooked as major players in the field of credit and their agents suggest formulas with a higher return on their own account, neglecting the interests of the client.

services-pic5 If you already have outstanding loans (home, car, personal loan, various credit), we can look with you how to streamline your credit to reduce the monthly payments that are due and allow you to have more purchasing power for your project.

The financial crisis and restructuring in the field of finance have led to significant changes in funding and rates. A loan contracted in the past can be refinanced based on current rates, providing real savings for our customers.

Insurances Advice

services-pic6Outstanding Balance: The outstanding balance insurance is usually required to cover your loan in case of death or major health problems . This insurance can be paid monthly or all at once . The cost of this insurance depends mainly on your age, the amount borrowed and which formula is the most advantageousfor you.
Some credit agencies offer a very good mortgage rate because the client has limited knowledge in real estate and loans, and simply compares interest rates between different offers. But once the customer has made his choice, agencies require a credit life insurance with a big premium compared to the competition.
Lebrun Estate Agency knows the market rates and can guide you in your efforts and recommend you serious partners. We can also compare different offers for your benefit so that you come out best in the process.

services-pic7House insurance: Buying property is a big step in a lifetime. You should take it deliberately and wisely. Protecting your property is essential. As a mortgagee you are required to have fire insurance to cover the risk in case of a disaster (fire, water damage, ).

services-pic8Theft: House insurance may also include clauses relating to damage caused by theft: broken doors demolished locks or forced window frame, etcetera. These are examples of costs caused by theft or burglary. Lebrun Estate Agency guides you towards the most advantageous options, depending on the deductible amount, the property value, risk, and we will present you with several quotes so you can compare the offers on the market.

services-pic9Rent paid: You own a property and you want to let but you are worried that the tenant will not pay you on time, or at all.
Lebrun Estate Agency reduces the risks as much as possible by finding a reliable tenant who will honor its lease: by verifying the solvency of the tenant, amongst others. However, if you want to be 100% sure, know that it is possible to have a “rent paidinsurance. You are therefore sure to touch your rent on time and you can sleep in peace.

Real Estate Marketing

marketing-immobilierYou want to sell the property by yourself but you do not know how to appraise it and write a good ad? Although it is not the formula that we recommend, you are free of your choice and real estate agency Lebrun has an offer that meets your need to stand out”.
We can organize all of your real estate marketing (writing the ad, the pictures, the publication in the press and specialized websites).
We can also manage all telephone contacts.

You take care of the organization of the sale of documents, negotiations, the appointment with the notary and all other matters related to the sale of the property. A lump sum for our work is charged to you.

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